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web design Louisville KY

web design Louisville KY

Savvy marketers know that website design makes a significant difference in website performance. Many marketers appreciate embedded SEO and excellent website designs to improve conversion rates. 46.1% of people know that website designs are critical because they play a role in how potential clients view the brand and how they interact with the platform – most people will abandon a dull site for a beautiful alternative.

Website design tips to improve conversion rates


A simple web design is a massive addition to website performance. The visitor needs a visual focus on your website to gain the motivation to explore more. This case is especially true when clients visit your site via a mobile phone, which means they spend less than a minute judging the content and design. The simplicity of the design is better because they can easily focus on the essential details like an ongoing discount campaign or new product.

Strategic placements

A spicy website design is more of a roadblock than a compliment. It is best to stick to a structure that showcases the full display of products and services, so potential clients do not spend longer trying to compare different items. Web designers in Kentucky can streamline the menu to include only the relevant categories and break all the items into manageable groups that are easy to compare.

Improve readability

Negative space in a Louisville website design is a powerful tool to boost your conversion rate. The white space does not have any visual elements and improves readability because readers can refocus on the most necessary details. Top web devs in Louisville can improve the effect of white spaces by adding buttons and simple directions to guide their conversion. Mobile users will have clutter-free website designs and hence enjoy the same smooth navigation as desktop users.

Rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is to place elements at strategic points to encourage conversions. People use this theory to place essential elements that inspire users to take on the next step. Web designers and web developers in Louisville use the rule of thirds to insert features like play buttons and discount notifications at the right place.

Excellent color theory

Color is an essential tool because it sets the mood of your web design. You can use colors to reflect the emotional appeal of your brand or highlight specific products and services. A pop of color on an otherwise neutral design is essential when attracting clients and inspiring immediate action. The strategic application of color keeps a strong visual interest and brings more traffic because people notice the essential elements and follow the intended conversion journey fast.

Sownd Marketing web design in Louisville, KY includes a hard look at your business, clients’ tendencies, and business goals. We want to assess every aspect of your online presence and tweak it to fuel growth and boost performance for the short-term and long-term gains. Check out our web design and development descriptions and schedule a free consultation with one of the best web development agencies in Louisville KY at your convenience.


web design Louisville KY
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web design Louisville KY
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