Va Drums

Article provided by: Contemporary Music Center

Va DrumsIf you love to make noise, but you also wish to show off some true musical skills, VA drums may be for you. If you already own a drum kit, you may be driving yourself, your family and your neighbors a little bit nuts with pointless bashing. It's not easy to learn to play VA drums properly, without a good instructor. Sure, if you have an innate sense of rhythm, you may be able to play along with a record or even a band. But, if you really want to get your chops together, please enroll in VA drums lessons at Contemporary Music Center.

We are Contemporary Music Centers. At this time, we own and operate two music centers in Virginia. One is located at 4410 Costello Way in Haymarket, Virginia and the other is situated in Chantilly at 14155-J Sullyfield Circle. Either of our locations provides world class VA drums lessons to aspiring percussionists and rhythm masters. Both of our music centers in Virginia are open six days a week. Call before you come, for driving directions and store hours. Our Haymarket number is 571.261.5000. Our Chantilly number is 703.817.1000.

At Contemporary Music Centers in Virginia, we sell practically everything. What we sell is a splendid selection of stringed instruments, pianos, brass instruments, woodwinds, percussion instruments and drum kits. Of course, we also stock and sell all the accessories you could ever need. If you are a guitarist looking for Dean Markley, Martin or D'Addario strings, you will find them at Contemporary Music stores in Virginia. If you're a VA drummer seeking Remo drumheads or Zildjian cymbals, you will find them at our music stores. Virginia residents who require top notch musical gear know to come to either of our Contemporary Music Centers.

We are more than just well stocked music stores in Virginia. We also offer world class lessons on virtually any instrument. This includes VA drums. If you would like to learn how to sing the correct way, Contemporary Music stores in Virginia are great places at which take vocal lessons, too. At CMC, we are all about helping Virginians achieve their musical dreams and ambitions. If you already play VA drums, we can make you a better player. If you've never had a lesson in your life, we can show you how to understand your kit and play it, too. When you are ready to visit and tour either of our music stores in Virginia, or you'd like to sign up for VA drums lessons, please call our Chantilly store at 703.817.1000 or our lovely Haymarket music store at 571.261.5000.