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t shirt print Victoria

t shirt print Victoria

Printed t-shirts are an excellent promotional and commercial product. If you want to advertise your business or non-profit work, this type of merchandising has great acceptance in public and will allow you to promote your project effectively.

On the other hand, if you are an entrepreneur and you are looking for a profitable and lasting business idea, producing printed t-shirts with amazing designs and marketing them is an excellent option. It is essential that you know more about printed t-shirts so that you can create excellent quality garments that allow you to meet your goals successfully.

What kind of printing technique to use?

If you want to produce printed t-shirts, the main decision you must make is the type of technique you are going to use to place your designs on the fabric. There are different modalities; the most common are screen printing, transfer, and digital printing.

Types of T-shirt Print


This technique transfers the design inks from a paper to the fabric using heat. The ink chemically fuses with the material, allowing for permanent printing. It is an easy and fast technique and has the significant advantage that you can print the whole shirt with it.

However, the t-shirt print by transfer has some disadvantages. A condition for an excellent finish is that the fabric must be at least 80% polyester. This significantly restricts the options when choosing the base T-shirt models. Also, the paper that is used to print before transferring is special, and that increases cost significantly. The process is not very convenient for mass production.

Digital Printing

This is a modern technique, which allows printing directly on the shirt. The transfer of the ink is done by direct injection, using a specialized printer. Among its advantages is the ease of modification of the design, and that the images have an excellent definition.

Like the T-shirt print by transfer, this method is not suitable for making large productions of T-shirts. Inks are expensive, and you can’t obtain savings by volume. As a result, the costs of making digitally printed T-shirts on a large scale are very high.

Screen Printing

This is one of the oldest T-shirt printing techniques. The transfer is done through screens that have negative photolithography for each color separately. Nowadays the digital vectorization of images allows that the patterns of each color have an exceptional definition, guaranteeing first-quality results.

This technique is ideal for mass production, in fact, large t-shirts selling emporiums like QuickSilver use this traditional method in their excellent products. The most significant advantage of screen printing is that it is the most economical process. Also, the prints are of high quality, with maximum durability and very resistant to washing. Finally, the higher the number of pieces to be produced, the lower the cost per piece, making screen printing an ideal technique for mass production. It is the best price/value option.

Want to Make An Impressive T Shirt Print In Victoria?

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t shirt print Victoria
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