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book printers China

Article provided by: Artful Dragon

book printers China

Are you looking for quality book printers in China? Look no further- Artful Dragon is a book print broker with exceptional relationships with overseas printing companies. Through their decades of experience in the print broker industry, they are able to save you a significant amount of money on your next print run.

Why print in Asia? It’s simple- Asian and other overseas commercial printing companies can save you up to 30% on your next medium to high run print production. That translates to a great deal of savings for you. Asian print companies are able to print for a lot less than local print shops, and offer popular choices including: hard and softcover books, textbooks, children’s books, cookbooks, coffee table books, journals and diaries, catalogs, magazines and other printed products.

If you’ve ever called around to textbook printing companies you may have been shocked by their high prices and incredibly long wait times. The problem with finding local text printing is that there are only a very small number of local print companies with the press facilities to handle the job, resulting in wait times of many months on average. An Asian print company can print your textbooks quickly due to their round the clock shifts. 

Most Asian commercial offset print companies have the labor force to operate 24/7, providing for their customers fast, high-quality print production and extremely reliable service, at much less than you would pay a local printing company. You may be surprised to learn that many Western publishers have been outsourcing their printing to these printers for decades.

The Artful Dragon is the only print broker you have to deal with- they’ll handle every detail with the book printers in China. Unlike other agents who represent the Asian printing companies, Artful Dragon press is based in the US, and is an international print broker who will be representing you- the consumer! That’s why you’ll get the best deal possible.

Through strong relationships with carefully selected Asian print companies located in several different countries, Artful Dragon is able to use their diversified portfolio of printers and is therefore not tied to any one offshore printing company, allowing them to obtain competitive rates and choose the right company for each project. 

You’ll love dealing with Artful Dragon. With their company, you will receive actual press proofs and bound samples of your end product. Their experts are able to take care of every detail along the way, from pre-press through customs and delivery right to your door. Artful Dragon can make buying from book printers in China easy and very profitable for you.

Visit online at where you can check out their site directory and see all of the types of print projects Artful Dragon is able to broker for their clients. We think you’ll agree that no other print broker is able to provide the service they are able to.

If you have any questions for Artful Dragon Press, please call 800-630-1117, and a friendly print specialist will be glad to help you.

book printers China
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