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IDMD is where you will find the best Calgary SEO specialists. We can help you get found online, which means more traffic and more leads for you. Further, and perhaps more importantly, IDMD can help you convert your new leads into paying customers. When you choose IDMD to be your SEO specialist, we will work with you from start to finish. We are there for you at every turn, helping you to be all that you can be online.

Why is SEO Important in Calgary?

As a Calgary business owner or operator, you surely want to do what is best for your bottom line. The fact is; you need SEO to stand out - to give your company a competitive edge. Additionally, your potential customers and target audience are all online, so why would you not invest in making yourself easy to find online!?

Today, when people want to make a purchase either in-store or online, they start with an Internet search. As much as 68% of all in-store purchases today start with a Google search, and that number is as high as 92% for online purchases! That means that people are searching for the products and services that you offer online, and in order to be found by them, you had better be staking your claim with SEO!

Do I Need SEO?

One of the wonderful parts about SEO is that you can generate a lot of traffic to your optimized landing pages with it. SEO requires some work up-front, in terms of research, content creation, and optimization, but once the work is done, it's done! You can forget it about and move on to the next piece of content. The result is that your web pages get lots and lots of traffic, month after month, year after year.

Even more wonderful is the fact that there is a very good chance you will be able to convert much of the traffic that you obtain through SEO - much more than normal! Why is this? SEO is centered upon keywords. When a search engine user finds your content in the search engines, it's because the search engine user searched for a keyword phrase that is similar to what you have optimized your content for. Therefore, if you have optimized your content for the keyword "Best restaurant in Calgary," only people who are searching for phrases similar to "Restaurants in Calgary" are going to find your content. Since they are already interested in what you offer, it should be easier to close the lead.

Contact IDMD Today

If you are looking for the best Calgary SEO, contact IDMD today. We invite you to explore our different SEO pricing packages. At IDMD, we customize all of our SEO campaigns on behalf of each client whom we work for. We also offer free first-time consultations for interested new clients. Go ahead, make the call, or send the email. IDMD is not pushy, and there is no pressure to buy anything. The first consultation is for us to get to know each other.

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